Product team

Our product team consists of Product, Tech, Data, and UX/UI who collaboratively make sure Threads builds the right products and that they build them in the right way. This means having a deep understanding of our users, our business and the wider industry and identifying where technology can be leveraged to solve problems in new ways.

The product team works with pretty much every team in the company as they sit in the intersection of business and technology. Their users and business experts could be any team from Sales to Brands, Marketing to Finance - no one in the business is outside of their realm. Tech wise they make the lives of our internal users and customers easier with automation and software products.

They measure themselves by the success of their products; they are motivated by working out the best product to build and then driving measurable results. Successful products mean happy customers, and happy customers mean a fulfilled product team.

Current openings

Product Manager

London, United Kingdom