Sales team

The Sales Team's number one goal is to reach their sales target. They strive to remain at the forefront of clients' minds through various means, including DTC (direct to customer), content from their own social media channels, new client acquisition and client retention from their existing client book.

The team partners with Sales Op's, Sales Leadership, their co-workers (soon to be the 'Buddy System'), Logistics, the Content Creation Team, and the Production Team for Instagram live feeds.

The Sales Team is motivated by sales targets, commission, promotion and delivering the 'wow factor' to their clients from an experience and product perspective. They also appreciate praise from leadership that isn't just sales-related but also team or project-related, acknowledging their hard work in making the business a success.

Current openings

Personal Shopper, UK (Level 1- Mid Level)

London, United Kingdom

Personal Shopper, Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Senior Personal Shopping Manager - Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates