United States Benefits

Empire Healthcare

Healthcare options are available via Empire for our US Threads team members.

Planning for the future

401K is available as a plan through Paychex, the largest 401K record keeper in the US. Contributing to 401K is a great way to for our team members to save for their retirement, set financial goals and reduce their taxable income.


Our Employee Assistance Program with LifeWorks offers 24/7 Chat based councelling available to all employees from Day 1. Lifeworks also offers a series of Gym Fitness Videos. regimes and wellbeing programmes.

Enhanced parental support

Our Parent Program means that from Day 1 every employee is entitled to an enhanced parental package.

Commuter Cards

With a Commuter Card, you can save on monthly costs by using your pre-tax income to top up your commuter card and the deduction will be seen on your next pay-stub. If you have any remaining balance on your card this will be rolled over to the next month.